183. Charles Jr Churchill was born on May 3 1755 in Newington, CT. He died on Sep 16 1818.
NOTE: Born in Newington, Conn., May 3, 1755. Lived near Newbern, N. C., at Chappell Hill. He died Sep 16, 1818. The family later removed to New Orleans, La. Married a southern woman, name not received.

Charles Jr Churchill and Mary Lowthorp had the following children:

child432 i.
Chappell McClure Churchill was born in Newbern, NC.
child+433 ii. Claudius Belden Churchill.
child434 iii. Clinton Greene Churchill.
child435 iv. Constantine Woods Churchill.
child436 v. Crispen Osborne Churchill.
child437 vi. Cleopas Washington Churchill.