187. Rev Silas Churchill was born on Apr 5 1769 in Newington, CT.
NOTE:Born in Newington, Conn., April 5, 1769. Graduated at Yale College in the class of 1787, studied theology with his father-in-law to be, and settled in the ministry in the Presbyterian church in New Lebanon, N. Y. He served in this, his only pastorate, faithfully for almost fifty years. He died in New Lebanon, March 1, 1854. Married 1st, Oct 12, 1797, Rhoda Belden, daughter of rev. Joshua, of Newington. She was born May 29, 1766, and died May 28, 1823. He married 2d, Sarah Sargent, 1825.

He was married to Rhoda Belden (daughter of Rev Joshua Belden) on Oct 12 1797. Rhoda Belden was born on May 29 1766 in Newington Parish, CT. She died on May 28 1823. Rev Silas Churchill and Rhoda Belden had the following children:

child453 i. Joshua Belden Churchill was born on Nov 2 1798 in New Lebanon, NY.
NOTE:He was a farmer in Oregon; died there, unmarried, 1874.
child+454 ii. Silas Churchill.
child455 iii. Clarissa Churchill was born on May 2 1802. She died about 1806.
child456 iv. Mary Ann Churchill was born in 1804 in New Lebanon, NY.
child+457 v. Rhoda Churchill.
child458 vi. Charles Churchill was born on Sep 2 1808 in New Lebanon, NY.

Rev Silas Churchill and Sarah Sargent had the following children:

child459 i.
Sarah Churchill was born in May 1829.
child460 ii. John Churchill was born in 1832.