371. Hulda Churchill was born on Nov 12 1785 in Sheffield, MA.

She was married to David Pearson* on Feb 11 1811. David Pearson* was born on Mar 27 1785 in Wells, VT.
NOTE:*The sons of David Pearson changed their name to Pierson.

Of Avon, N. Y., they lived on a farm one-half mile from East Avon. Hulda Churchill and David Pearson* had the following children:

child+820 i. Ruhama Pearson*.
child821 ii. Margaret Pearson* was born on Apr 13 1813 in East Avon, NY. She died on Sep 4 1865.
child+822 iii. Adelia Pearson*.
child+823 iv. Anna J Pearson*.
child+824 v. Charles Churchill Pearson*.
child+825 vi. Jane L Pearson*.
child+826 vii. Mary Pearson*.
child+827 viii. Laura Pearson*.
child+828 ix. Ephraim Pearson*.
child+829 x. Andromeda Pearson*.
child+830 xi. Delos D Pearson*.