449. Nancy Churchill was born on Mar 17 1795 in Newington Parish, CT.
NOTE:Nancy, the second wife of Leonard Chester Hubbard, was a person of very strong individuality. After her mother's death she was forced to assume the chief duties of the household, her older sister Julia, being an invalid, until the time of her marriage. Mr. Seymour, to whom we are indebted for most of the biographical matter relating to the family of Capt. Charles Churchill, says that "she was a woman of great decision of character, brought up her family in the fear of God, and lived to great age. In her later years she was tenderly cared for by her family, but she never relinquished her authority, nor gave up the strict Sabbath day observance to which she had been bred in her father's household." He describes he as having "jet black eyes and hair and unusually white skin." He recalls one Sabbath he passed in the home of her son Leonard, with whom she was living, and well remembers the austere character of the day, all secular conversation being avoided, and the reading of the Bible occupying the chief attention. She seened to him like an ancient prophetess. They lived at Newington until after the birth of their children when they removed to Berlin.

She was married to Leonard Chester Hubbard (son of Timothy Hubbard and Abigail Deming) on Apr 23 1826. Leonard Chester Hubbard was born on May 9 1793. He died on Sep 20 1838.
NOTE:He married Elizabeth as his first wife, Feb 18, 1799, and had one child Abigail Deming Hubbard.
Mr. Hubbard was the son of Timothy and Abigail (Deming) Hubbard. born May 9, 1793, and died Sept 20, 1838. Nancy Churchill and Leonard Chester Hubbard had the following children:

child+904 i. Leonard Churchill Hubbard.
child905 ii. Kasson Hubbard was born on Dec 6 1831 in Newington Parish, CT. He died on Apr 6 1834 in Newington Parish, CT.
child+906 iii. Elizabeth Hubbard.
child907 iv. Abigail Hubbard was born on Oct 31 1837 in Newington Parish, CT. She died on Apr 20 1898 in New Britain, CT.