148. Hannah Churchill was born about 1731 in Portland, CT. She was baptized on Apr 11 1731 in Portland, CT. She died on Jun 12 1810.

She was married to Josiah Pelton (son of John Pelton and Jemima ?) about 1750 in CT, ?.Josiah Pelton was born in 1715 in Saybrook, CT. He died on Feb 2 1792. Hannah Churchill and Josiah Pelton had the following children:

child301 i. Jemima Pelton was born in 1751 in Portland, Middlesex, CT. She was baptized in 1751. She died on May 14 1774.
child302 ii. Josiah Pelton was born in 1753. He was baptized on Jan 21 1753. He died about 1755.
child303 iii. Prudence Pelton was born in 1755. She was baptized on Apr 9 1755.
child304 iv. Hannah Pelton was born in 1760. She was baptized in 1760.
child305 v. Moses Pelton was baptized in 1762. He was born on Mar 4 1762.
child306 vi. Phebe Pelton was born on Jul 4 1764. She was baptized on Jul 28 1764.
child307 vii. A Child Pelton was born about 1765. He (or she) was baptized on Mar 30 1765.
child308 viii. Marchall Pelton was born on Oct 10 1768. He was baptized on Oct 16 1768.
child+309 ix. Josias(Josiah) S Pelton.
child310 x. John Pelton was born on Mar 9 1759. He was baptized on Apr 5 1772.