473. Polly Churchill was born on Apr 12 1796 in Hubbardton, VT. She died on Nov 28 1881 in Afton, IA.
NOTE:They lived in Sheldon, NY, where seven of thier children were born; but before 1835 removed West, and settled at Ridge Prairie, Ill. She died at Afton, Iowa, Nov 28, 1881. He died at Galesburg, Ill, Nov 10, 1864.

She was married to Lewis Weeks on Feb 1 1816 in Litchfield, NY. She was married by her father, Rev. Jesse Churchill. Lewis Weeks was born on Aug 7 1790. He died on Nov 10 1864 in Galesburg, IL. Polly Churchill and Lewis Weeks had the following children:

child915 i. George Churchill Weeks was born on Sep 13 1817 in Sheldon, NY. He died on Aug 9 1835 in Ridge Prairie, IL.
child+916 ii. Hannah Amelia Weeks.
child+917 iii. Horace Belknap Weeks.
child+918 iv. William Wallace Weeks.
child+919 v. John Lewis Weeks.
child+920 vi. Charles Boardman Weeks.
child+921 vii. Mary Churchill Weeks.
child922 viii. Cyrus Edward Weeks was born on Feb 4 1836 in Ridge Prairie, IL. He died on Aug 26 1838 in Ridge Prairie, IL.