1271. Winthrop Alexander was born on Nov 15 1861 in Boston, MA.

He was married to Elizabeth Blake Wood (daughter of Charles Blake Wood and Marietta Gridley Bowman) on Dec 23 1889. Elizabeth Blake Wood was born on Sep 15 1866 in Brookline, MA. She died on Jun 13 1895 in Washington, DC. Winthrop Alexander and Elizabeth Blake Wood had the following children:

child1316 i. Charles Winthrop Alexander was born on Apr 11 1892.
child+1317 ii. Marion Louise Alexander.

He was married to Harriet Bethia Briggs (daughter of William Henry Briggs and Mary Ann Dillingham) on Nov 25 1896 in Auburn, ME. Harriet Bethia Briggs was born on Nov 23 1869 in Auburn, ME. Winthrop Alexander and Harriet Bethia Briggs had the following children:

child1318 i. Donald Briggs Alexander was born on Nov 3 1898.
child1319 ii. Harriet Bradford Alexander was born on Nov 5 1903.