853. Sylvanus Amos Churchill was born on Nov 26 1839 in Scott, NY.

He was married to Caroline Eadie (daughter of John Wesley Eadie and Abigail Doty) on Nov 22 1867. Caroline Eadie was born on Dec 16 1844. She died on Sep 2 1888. Sylvanus Amos Churchill and Caroline Eadie had the following children:

child+1128 i. Herman Churchill.
child1129 ii. Edith Churchill was born on Aug 20 1875 in Onondaga Valley, NY. She died on Jun 9 1923.
child+1130 iii. Eadie Churchill.

He was married to Sarah Erminie Woodworth (daughter of Joel Cyrenus Woodworth and Charlotte Norton) on Sep 7 1892. Sarah Erminie Woodworth was born on Aug 12 1865. She died on Aug 7 1928. Sylvanus Amos Churchill and Sarah Erminie Woodworth had the following children:

child+1131 i. Sylvanus Woodworth Churchill.
child1132 ii. Leo Churchill was born on Apr 29 1896.
child+1133 iii. Gladys Erminie Churchill.