317. Captain David Churchill was born on May 16 1771. He died on May 19 1821.

He was married to Jerusha Ufford (daughter of Eliakim Ufford and Christian White) on Oct 1 1792 in Portland, CT, ?. Jerusha Ufford was born on Apr 25 1771 in Portland, CT. She died on Oct 16 1805 in Chatham, CT. Captain David Churchill and Jerusha Ufford had the following children:

child755 i. Maria Churchill was born on Sep 29 1795. She died on May 3 1796.
child+756 ii. Henry Ufford Churchill.
child+757 iii. David Dickinson Churchill.
child+758 iv. Mary Churchill.
child759 v. George Washington Churchill was born on Sep 28 1793. He died on May 9 1801.
child+760 vi. George Churchill.

Captain David Churchill and Betsey Griffin had the following children:

child+761 i.
Anna Maria Churchill.
child762 ii. Ebenezer Churchill was born in 1807. He died on Sep 10 1815.
child+763 iii. Elizabeth Prudence Churchill.
child764 iv. William Churchill was born in 1811. He died on Oct 15 1815.