926. James Wells Hull was born on Sep 20 1842 in New Lebanon, NY.
NOTE:They live in Pittsfield, MA, where he is secretary of Berkshire Life Insurance Company. Member of Massachusetts Board of Health from 1893. They have five children, born in Pittsfield, MA.

He was married to Helen Edwards Plunkett in 1876 in Pittsfield, MA. James Wells Hull and Helen Edwards Plunkett had the following children:

child1214 i.
Helen Edwards Hull was born on Nov 3 1877 in Pittsfield, MA.
child1215 ii. Rosamond Hull was born on Apr 29 1879 in Pittsfield, MA.
child1216 iii. Norman Churchill Hull was born on Aug 5 1881 in Pittsfield, MA.
child1217 iv. Edward Boltwood Hull was born on Feb 3 1884 in Pittsfield, MA.
child1218 v. Carolyn Kellogg Hull was born on Sep 19 1891 in Pittsfield, MA.