942. Hiram Shoemaker was born on Apr 7 1822 in Greenfield, NY.
NOTE:They removed west, and settled in Neenah, Wis., the same month of their marriage, and have lived there. They had children.Mr. Hiram Shoemaker has assisted the editor greatly in getting this account of the family of Samuel Churchill

He was married to Mary E Ford on Sep 17 1848 in Milton, NY. Mary E Ford died on Sep 26 1885. Hiram Shoemaker and Mary E Ford had the following children:

child1246 i. Henry Kirk Shoemaker was born on Jul 19 1849 in Neenah, WI. He died on Feb 17 1872.
NOTE:He fitted for the ministry and began his work, but died at the age of twenty-two years, Feb 17, 1872.
child1247 ii. Ella Jane Shoemaker was born on Jan 24 1853 in Neenah, WI. She died on Jan 2 1875.
NOTE: She became a teacher of music, but died, unmarried Jan 2, 1875.