520. Lois Delia Churchill was born on Feb 2 1805 in Bristol, CT. She died on Feb 6 1880 in Greene, Trumbull County, OH.
NOTE:They settled first at Mecca, O., but later on the farm with Mrs. Churchill's parents, and at their death inherited the homestead. Mrs Hickok died Feb 6, 1880.

She was married to John Hickok on Jan 1 1824 in Greene, Trumbull County, OH. John Hickok was born on Feb 24 1798 in Franklin, NY. He died on Aug 12 1869 in Greene, Trumbull County, OH. Lois Delia Churchill and John Hickok had the following children:

child+946 i. Ammi Leoline Hickok.
child+947 ii. Bethunia Eunetia Hickok.
child+948 iii. Aurilla Almarine Hickok.