203. Jedediah Churchill was born on May 27 1766.
NOTE:Born May 27, 1766, probably at Southington, Conn. We have not succeeded in getting any complete account of this family. Married, at Southington, July 24, 1791 Sarah Hayford.

He was married to Sarah Hayford on Jul 24 1791 in Southington, CT. Jedediah Churchill and Sarah Hayford had the following children:

child522 i.
Orrin Churchill.
NOTE:Died young.
child+523 ii. Ruth Churchill.
child524 iii. Chauncey Churchill was born in 1796.
NOTE:He was a sailor, and was lost at sea, it is supposed.

child+525 iv. Lydia Churchill.
child+526 v. Joseph Hayford Churchill.
child527 vi. Anson J Churchill.
child528 vii. Churchill.
NOTE: Died soon.