894. Carmi Churchill was born on Feb 25 1813 in NY. He died on May 9 1892.
NOTE:Born in Boonville, N. Y. Feb 25, 1813. (We learn since printing page 409, the Carolus Churchill and Polly Rowlan were married at New Berlin N. Y., March 14, 1812, and that he enlisted at Boonville, September, 1814, and served in "the War of 1812," until his discharge, at Sackett's Harbor, November, 1814.) Carmi settled in Ashtabula County, Ohio, first, but later lived in Canton and Henderson, Ill., and in Rome, Iowa where he died May 9, 1892. Married 1st, Sallie Stowe; 2d, in Ohio, Elvira Conant; 3d, in Rome, Iowa, Mrs. Frances Jackson.

Carmi Churchill and Sarah (Sallie) Stowe had the following children:

child+1134 i.
Horace Churchill.
child+1135 ii. Roxanna Churchill.
child+1136 iii. Jane Churchill.

Carmi Churchill and Elvira Conant had the following children:

child+1137 i.
Elizabeth Churchill.
child+1138 ii. Harriet Churchill.
child+1139 iii. Emma Churchill.
child1140 iv. Hardy Churchill was born in Henderson, Ill.
child1141 v. Harry Churchill was born in Andover, Ill. He died. Killed in a railroad accident in Missouri

He was married to Mrs. Frances Jackson in Rome, Iowa. Carmi Churchill and Mrs. Frances Jackson had the following children:

child1142 i.
Bethia Churchill was born in Rome, Iowa.