898. Calvin Webster Churchill was born in 1820 in Oneida, NY. He died in Nebraska.
NOTE: Born in Oneida, N. Y., in 1820. He removed West and settled first in Ohio, but later lived in Alexis, Ill., and later in Aurora, Neb. He was a farmer. He died in Nebraska. Married 1st, Sarah Bugbee. Married 2d, Joanna Rafferty.

He was married to Sarah Bugbee in 1840. Calvin Webster Churchill and Sarah Bugbee had the following children:

child1156 i.
Churchill died. Infancy
child1157 ii. Churchill died. Infancy
child+1158 iii. Lurindia Churchill.
child1159 iv. Hannah Churchill was born in 1844 in Ohio. She died on Mar 10 1848 in Galesburg, Ill.
child+1160 v. Millie Churchill.
child+1161 vi. Orvilla O Churchill.
child+1162 vii. Inez Churchill.

Calvin Webster Churchill and Joanna Rafferty had the following children:

child+1163 i.
Francis Marion Churchill.
child+1164 ii. Lilla E Churchill.
child+1165 iii. John Churchill.
child+1166 iv. Maud Churchill.