902. Mary Churchill was born on Mar 25 1831 in NY.
NOTE:Born in Oneida County, N. Y., March 25, 1831. Removed with her father's family to the West, and lived after marriage in Henderson and Monmouth,Ill. Married at Henderson, in 1849, Hezekiah Witt.

She was married to Hezekiah Witt in 1849 in Henderson, Ill. Mary Churchill and Hezekiah Witt had the following children:

child1188 i.
John Witt was born on Jan 19 1850 in Henderson, Ill.
child+1189 ii. Adeline Witt.
child+1190 iii. Ruth Witt.
child+1191 iv. George Witt.
child+1192 v. Laura Witt.
child+1193 vi. Lillie Witt.
child+1194 vii. Hettie Witt.
child+1195 viii. Dellia Witt.
child+1196 ix. Edward Witt.
child1197 x. Ida Witt was born on Dec 29 1869 in Oquawka, Ill. She died on Feb 3 1870 in Oquawka, Ill.