2. Mary Churchill was born on Mar 24 1639 in Wethersfield, CT. She died in 1690 in Hadley, Deerfield, MA.


She was married to Samuel Church (son of Richard Church and Ann Marsh) in 1665/66. Mary married Samuel Church, son of Richard Church of Hadley, Mass. They settled in Hadley about 1659. He died April 13, 1684. She died in 1690. Samuel Church was born on Mar 3 1629 in Hadley, MA. He was buried in Apr 1684 in Hadley, MA. He died on Apr 13 1684 in Hadley, MA.
NOTE:They settled in Hadley, MA abt 1659. Samuel was a freeman in 1657. He
resided in Both Hadley, MA and in CT. Was a Hadley Selectman in 1672.
In January 1673 a Surveyor and in 1681 a Constable. Tithingmen in MA
were first ordered in1667. Hadley Selectmen chose four and they were
approved by the County Court in Mar 1678, viz Timothy Nash, Samuel
Moody, Samuel Church, Chileab Smith. They were to inspect the conduct
of liquor sellers, Sabbath breakers, night walkers, tipplers, etc. and
present the names of the disorderly to a magisrate says Judds History
of Hadley, p. 70.
Samuel took the oath of allegience in Hadley, Feb 8 1678. As appears
from the town records of Hadley "he recieved 8 acres homelot and
accomodationof to". Later the town granted him land on the west side
of the Great River, formerly owned by and granted to Goodman Arnold
and Samuel Church "set up a fence around his allotment. In 1663 Samuel
lived with his father in Hadley and had no houselot, but in March of
that year he recieved some land. Mary Churchill and Samuel Church had the following children:

child+10 i.
Mary Church.
child+11 ii.
Samuel Church.
child+12 iii.
Richard Church.
child+13 iv.
Mehetabel Church.
child+14 v.
Josiah Church.
child15 vi. Joseph Church was born on May 26 1678 in Hadley, MA. He died in 1721. Died unmarried in 1721.
child16 vii. Benjamin Church was born on Sep 1 1680 in Hadley, MA. Lived in Hadley.
child17 viii. John Church was born on Dec 24 1682 in Hadley, MA. Perhaps he is the settler at E. Hadley. He died in 1696 in MA.