178. William Churchill was born on Feb 10 1763 in Sheffield, MA. He died on Feb 12 1813.
NOTE:Born in Sheffield, Mass., Feb 10, 1763. Settled first in Hubbardton, Vt.; about 1806 removed to Champlain, N. Y. He was with his mother in the battle at Hubbardton. Married march 26, 1787, Eunice Culver, born Dec 31, 1762.

He was married to Eunice Culver on Mar 26 1787. Eunice Culver was born on Dec 31 1762. William Churchill and Eunice Culver had the following children:

child395 i. Russell Churchill was born on Dec 21 1787.
child+396 ii. Clarissa Churchill.
child+397 iii. Pamelia Churchill.
child+398 iv. Darius Churchill.
child+399 v. William Jr Churchill.
child400 vi. Samuel Churchill was born on Aug 2 1797. He died in 1820 in New Orleans, LA.
child401 vii. Ezekiel Churchill was born on Jul 15 1799.
child+402 viii. Julius Churchill.
child+403 ix. James Churchill.
child404 x. Eunice Churchill was born on May 20 1807