1023. President Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born on Oct 4 1822 in Delaware, OH. He was buried in 1893 in Spiegel Grove, OH. He died on Jan 17 1893 in Fremont, OH.
NOTE:Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881) was the 19th president of the United States, Republican, the posthumous son of Rutherford Hayes, a farmer, and Sophia Birchard. He was raised by his uncle Sardis Birchard. He graduated from Kenyon College, 1842, and Harvard Law School, 1845. He practiced Law in lower Sandusky, OH, now Freemont; was city solicitor of Cincinnati 1858-61. In the Civil War, he was Major of the 23rd Ohio Vols, was wounded several times, and rose to the rank of brevet major general, 1864. He served in Congress 1864-67, supporting reconstruction and Johnson's impeachment. He was elected Govenor of Ohio 1867 and 1869; beaten in the race for Congress 1872; reelected Govenor, 1875. In 1876 he was nominated for president and believed he had lost the election to Samuel J. Tilden, Democrat. But a few southern states submitted 2 different sets of electoral votes and the result was in dispute. An electoral commision, appointed by Congress, 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats, awarded all disputed votes to Hayes allowing him to become president by one electoral vote. Hayes, keeping a promise to southerners, withdrew troops from areas still occupied in the sout, ending the era of Reconstruction. He proceeded to reform the civil service, alienationg political spoilsmen. He advocated repeal of the Tenure of Office Act. He supported sound money and specie payments.Hayes died in Freemont, OH Jan 17, 1893

He was married to Lucy Ware Webb on Dec 30 1852. Lucy Ware Webb was born on Aug 28 1831 in Chillicote, OH. She was buried in 1889 in Spiegel Grove, OH. She died on Jun 25 1889 in Fremont, OH. President Rutherford Birchard Hayes and Lucy Ware Webb had the following children:

child1262 i. Birchard Austin Hayes was born in 1853. He died in 1926.
child1263 ii. James Webb Cook Hayes was born in 1856. He died in 1934.
child1264 iii. Rutherford Platt Hayes was born in 1858. He died in 1927.
child1265 iv. Joseph Thompson Hayes was born in 1861. He died in 1863.
child1266 v. George Crook Hayes was born in 1864. He died in 1866.
child1267 vi. Fanny Hayes was born in 1867. She died in 1950.
child1268 vii. Scott Russell Hayes was born in 1871. He died in 1923.
child1269 viii. Manning Force Hayes was born in 1873. He died in 1874.