1308. William Churchill was born on Nov 3 1876 in New Britain, CT.
NOTE:He prepared for college in the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut, and entered Yale College without conditions, at the age of sixteen. He was graduated in the class of 1897 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and continues in the post-graduate department, recieving the degree of Ph. D. in 1901. He also studied in Germany at Leipsig University in 1901, under professor Wundt. He was employed for a year by the publishing firm of Charles Scribner's Sons. For two years he was an instructor in the psychology and philisophical department of Yale University, in 1902-04. Since July, 1904, he has had charge of the signal glass department of the Corning Glass Works at Corning, New York. This change grew out of an experimental investigation of signal glass, conducted at the Yale Psychological Laboratory in 1902-04. The Corning Glass Works manufacture most of the signal glass, lenses, roundels and lantern globes and other glass used in railroad and marine service in the United States.
Mr. Churchill has taken out several patents on lenses, etc., and has many more pending. His work has formed an important part in the development of the system of railroad signals in the country, with the consequent saving of life and property. He resides at Corning. He is a member of the Phi Gamma Delta and of the Phi Beta Kappa, college fraternities, of Yale University. He is a member of the City Club of Corning and of the Graduates Club of New Haven, Connecticut. He is a member of South Congregational Church of New Britain, connecticut, but attends Christ Protestant Episcopal Church of Corning, of which his wife is a communicant. In politics he is an Independent.

He was married to Elizabeth Hyde Durston (daughter of George Durston and Amelia Leeman Nichols) on Jun 17 1908 in Syracuse, NY. Elizabeth Hyde Durston was born on Feb 19 1880 in Syracuse, NY.
NOTE:On her mother's side, Mrs. Churchill descends from Govenor William Bradford, of the Mayflower colony at Plymouth. William Churchill and Elizabeth Hyde Durston had the following children:

child1329 i. Durston Churchill was born on Sep 3 1909.