785. Andrew Livingston Churchill was born on Feb 6 1833 in Stamford, NY.
NOTE:Born in Stamford, NY., Feb. 6, 1833. Lived in Stamford, NY., on a farm of one hundred and fifty acres, with the summer boarding house(noted below). In 1885 he was the proprietor of the summer hotel, the Cold Spring House, at Stamford, NY. Married Jan. 4, 1855, Amelia Ackley.

He was married to Amelia Ackley on Jan 4 1855. Andrew Livingston Churchill and Amelia Ackley had the following children:

child1093 i.
Mary Eva Churchill was born in 1858 in Stamford, NY.
child1094 ii. Julia Adelaide Churchill was born in 1865 in Stamford, NY.
child1095 iii. Eliza Bell Churchill was born in 1868 in Stamford, NY.
child1096 iv. Frederick H Churchill was born in 1872 in Stamford, NY.
NOTE:In 1901 lived in Stamford.