70. Daniel Churchill was born on Nov 3 1710 in Wethersfield, CT.
NOTE:Born in Middletown, Conn., Nov 3, 1710. Settled in Chatham. Removed to Exeter, Otsego County N. Y., arriving May 10, 1795. Married, June 16, 1735, Abigail White, daughter of Nathaniel

He was married to Abigail White (daughter of Nathaniel White) on Jun 16 1735 in CT, ?.Daniel Churchill and Abigail White had the following children:

child+155 i.
Ruth Churchill.
child156 ii. Sarah Churchill was born on Apr 5 1739 in Chatham, CT. She died on Apr 30 1739 in Chatham, CT.
child157 iii. Abigail Churchill was born on Mar 16 1740 in Chatham, CT. She died on Mar 29 1743 in Chatham, CT.
child158 iv. Elisha Churchill was born on Aug 24 1742 in Chatham, CT.
child159 v. William Churchill was born on Mar 2 1745 in Chatham, CT. He died on Jul 4 1749 in Chatham, CT.
child+160 vi. Benjamin Churchill.
child+161 vii. Daniel Churchill.
child162 viii. Abigail Churchill was born on May 2 1753 in Chatham, CT.
child+163 ix. Sarah Churchill.