35. Nathaniel Churchill was born on Jul 9 1677 in Wethersfield, CT.
NOTE: Nathaniel Churchill born in Wethersfield, July 9, 1677. He lived in Old Wethersfield until about 1719, when he removed with his family to the westermost precinct of the town, near Farmington bounds. He was active in public matters, in the land interests particularly in that locality, and his name is found on petitions to the General Court in 1715, and as a member of a committee of citizens April 7, the same year. His will was probated later in 1715. He left a double portion to his son Nathaniel, viz, one hundred and thirty pounds, and to his younger sons, John, Daniel, and Josiah, sixty-five pouds. The inventory of his estate, Feb. 28 1716, showed its value to be three hundred and seventy-one pounds. He died some time in the fall of 1715. The distribution of his estate was made April 2 1728. Married Oct. 9, 1701, Mary Hurlbut, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Deming) Hurlbut, of Middletown, Conn., born June 9, 1679, and died in 1738, when her estate was administered by her son Daniel and her Husband's brother, Samuel.

He was married to Mary Hurlburt (daughter of Jonathan Hurlburt and Mary Deming) on Oct 9 1701 in CT, ?. Mary Hurlburt was born on Jun 9 1679. She died in 1738. Nathaniel Churchill and Mary Hurlburt had the following children:

child67 i. Mary Churchill died in 1702/3. in infancy She was born on Oct 12 1702 in Wethersfield, CT.
child+68 ii. Nathaniel Churchill.
child+69 iii. John Churchill.
child+70 iv. Daniel Churchill.
child+71 v. Josiah Churchill.
child72 vi. Stephen Churchill.
child73 vii. Solomon Churchill.