390. Sarah Churchill was born on Jan 4 1801 in Hubbardton, VT. She died on May 26 1890 in Spafford , NY.
NOTE:They lived at Scott and later at Spafford, N. Y., and had children born at Scott.

She was married to John Bacon on Nov 14 1825 in Spafford, NY.Sarah Churchill and John Bacon had the following children:

child844 i.
Warren Bacon was born in 1826 in Scott, NY. He died in 1852.
child+845 ii. David Bacon.
child+846 iii. Almon Bacon.
child847 iv. Irena Bacon was born in 1835 in Scott, NY. She died in 1837 in Scott, NY.
child+848 v. Philena Bacon.
child+849 vi. Harrison Bacon.