176. John Churchill was born on Mar 12 1758 in Sheffield, MA. He died on Sep 27 1817 in Scott, NY.
NOTE:Born at Sheffield, Mass., March 12, 1758, and lived there until his father's removal to Hubbardton in 1785. We have seen that he was in the battle at that place on July 7, the same year, and was taken prisoner and carried to Ticonderoga where he was kept until October, when he returned to Castleton, Vt., whither his father had returned with his family after Burgoyne's surrender. It is possible that he served later in the war in the company of Capt. Roger Alden, of Lebanon, Conn., Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1781. After the war cleared he cleared up his farm in Hubbardton and lived there until 1805, when he removed to Tully, N. Y. Married Martha Baldwin.

He was married to Martha Baldwin on May 29 1786 in Hubbardton, VT. Martha Baldwin was born on Aug 16 1766 in Meriden Parish, MA. She died on Sep 27 1839 in Scott, NY. John Churchill and Martha Baldwin had the following children:

child+383 i. John Churchill.
child+384 ii. Sylvester Churchill.
child+385 iii. Annice Churchill.
child+386 iv. Electa Churchill.
child+387 v. Alvin Churchill.
child388 vi. Sylvina Churchill was born on Aug 25 1796 in Hubbardton, VT. She died on Oct 14 1797.
child389 vii. Joab Churchill was born on Nov 10 1798 in Hubbardton, VT. He died on Nov 4 1816 in Hubbardton, VT.
child+390 viii. Sarah Churchill.
child+391 ix. Irena Churchill.
child+392 x. Jotham Churchill.
child393 xi. Jonathan Churchill was born about 1807 in Hubbardton, VT.
child+394 xii. Chauncey Churchill.