138. Captain Nathaniel Churchill was born on Jun 25 1731. He died in 1802.
NOTE:Born June 25, 1731. Married 1st, Sept. 25, 1755, Elizabeth Sage; married 2nd, Jane Bushnell.

He was married to Elizabeth Sage on Sep 25 1755 in CT, ?. Captain Nathaniel Churchill and Elizabeth Sage had the following children:

child+269 i.
Nathaniel Jr. Churchill.
child+270 ii. Betty Churchill.
child271 iii. Abigail Churchill was born in Dec 1759.

He was married to Jane Bushnell in CT, ?. Captain Nathaniel Churchill and Jane Bushnell had the following children:

child+272 i.
Stephen Churchill.
child+273 ii. Sage Churchill.
child274 iii. John Churchill was born on Mar 20 1765.
child+275 iv. Solomon Churchill.
child+276 v. Sarah Churchill.
child+277 vi. Jane Churchill.
child+278 vii. Mehitable Churchill.
child279 viii. Alma Churchill was born on Apr 28 1776.
child+280 ix. Anna Churchill.