269. Nathaniel Jr. Churchill was born on Mar 2 1756. He died on Mar 22 1835.
NOTE:Connecticut Revolutionary Pensionsers, compiled by the daughters of the American Revolution, page 39, lists Nathaniel wid. Lydia w22770.
Born March 20, 1756. Married, April 2, 1783, Mrs. Lydia (Osgood) Penfield, widow of Nathaniel Penfield.

He was married to Lydia (Osgood) Penfield on Apr 2 1783. Nathaniel Jr. Churchill and Lydia (Osgood) Penfield had the following children:

child+669 i.
Nathaniel Churchill.
child+670 ii. Naomi Churchill.
child671 iii. Jane Osgood Churchill was born on Apr 7 1789.
child672 iv. Elisha Churchill was born on Jul 2 1791. He was born on Aug 5 1795.
child673 v. Gage Churchill was born on Jul 20 1798.
child674 vi. Daughter (still born) Churchill was born on Dec 1 1800.
child675 vii. Jeremiah Churchill.
child+676 viii. John Sage Churchill.
child+677 ix. Phineas Penfield Churchill.
child+678 x. Lydia Churchill.

He was married to Eunice Woolcot on Nov 14 1776 in CT, ?. Nathaniel Jr. Churchill and Eunice Woolcot had the following children:

child679 i.
Eunice Churchill was born on Dec 18 1779.
child680 ii. Elizur Woolcot Churchill was born on Mar 7 1777.
child681 iii. Lydia Churchill was born on Aug 1 1781.