141. Janna Churchill was born on Feb 20 1739. He died in 1815.
NOTE:Born at Middletown, Conn., Feb. 20, 1739. Settled first, it is said in Lenox, Mass., but in 1783 removed to Hubbardton, Vt., and thence about 1793 to Georgia, Vt. He was a farmer. Died in Georgia, Vt., in 1815. Married Mrs. Sarah (Mix) Foster, widow of Thomas Foster.

He was married to Sarah (Mrs.) Foster (Mix) in CT, ?. Janna Churchill and Sarah (Mrs.) Foster (Mix) had the following children:

child281 i.
Sarah Jane Churchill.
child+282 ii. Thomas Foster Churchill.
child+283 iii. Josiah Churchill.
child+284 iv. Janna Churchill.
child+285 v. Olive Churchill.
child+286 vi. Rachel Churchill.
child287 vii. Laura Churchill.
NOTE: Died unmarried
child+288 viii. Lucy Churchill.