282. Thomas Foster Churchill was born on Feb 26 1780 in Georgia, VT. He died on Feb 17 1827 in On Lake Champlain. Drowned
NOTE: Born in Georgia, Vt., Feb 20, 1780. He settled in Georgia, Vt., where he was a farmer and lumber dealer. He operated a saw-mill, and was also interested in vessels on Lake Champlain. He was drowned Feb 17, 1827, while crossing the lake on the ice, with a heavy horse-team. He was then living in Georgia, Vt. Married Mary Strong, born at Southampton, Mass. She died in Ellenboro, Grant County, Wis., Nov 6, 1864.

He was married to Mary Strong in CT, ?. Mary Strong died on Nov 6 1864 in Ellenboro, Grant County, Wis. She was born in Southampton, MA. Thomas Foster Churchill and Mary Strong had the following children:

child709 i. Timothy Pickering Churchill was born in Georgia, VT. He died. died in infancy (at three months)
child+710 ii. Timothy Clapp Churchill.
child+711 iii. Candace Strong Churchill.
child+712 iv. Eben Churchill.
child713 v. Stephen Mix Churchill was born in 1818 in Georgia, VT. He died on Aug 6 1858 in Plattsville, Wis. Unmarried
child714 vi. Mary Churchill died in Richmond, Pa. Aged eighteen years
child715 vii. Josiah Noble Churchill was born in 1824 in Georgia, VT. He died on Aug 11 1850 in Plattsville, Wis.
child+716 viii. James Alfred Churchill.