132. Asa Alexander was born on Oct 17 1742 in Winchester, NH. He died on Nov 4 1811 in Winchester, NH.

He was married to Mary Bond (daughter of Henry Bond and Mary Cutting) on Nov 13 1762. Mary Bond was born on Nov 13 1742. She died on Jul 1 1835. Asa Alexander and Mary Bond had the following children:

child+260 i. Ebenezer Alexander.
child261 ii. Thaddeus Alexander was born on Nov 15 1766 in Winchester, NH.
child+262 iii. Mary Alexander.
child+263 iv. Lucretia Alexander.
child+264 v. Asa Alexander.
child+265 vi. John Alexander.
child+266 vii. Amos Alexander.
child+267 viii. Anna Alexander.
child+268 ix. Solomon Alexander.