260. Ebenezer Alexander was born on Apr 24 1765 in Winchester, NH. He died on Dec 6 1844 in Boston, MA.

He was married to Rhoda Scott (daughter of James Scott and Rhoda Rockwood) on Jun 3 1788. Rhoda Scott was born on Jan 10 1770. She died on Jul 5 1831. Ebenezer Alexander and Rhoda Scott had the following children:

child+660 i. Eusebia Alexander.
child661 ii. Emery Alexander was born on Nov 9 1790. He died on Sep 28 1848.
child+662 iii. Oliver Brown Alexander.
child663 iv. Henry Foster Alexander was born on Oct 23 1797. He died on Dec 17 1852.
child+664 v. Mary Brown Alexander.
child+665 vi. Ebenezer Alexander.
child+666 vii. Willard Huntington Alexander.
child+667 viii. Octavia Alexander.
child+668 ix. Merab Ann Alexander.