211. Lemuel Churchill was born on Mar 4 1766 in Farmington, CT. He died on Aug 27 1848.
NOTE:Born March 4, 1766, at Farmington, Conn. Went to the Wyoming Valley with his father's family, and shared their experiences there. We have not been able to find any further information in reguard to this family. He died Aug. 27, 1848. Married Oct 25, 1791, Paitence Gildersleeve, born April 24, 1766. She died May 31, 1836.

He was married to Patience Gildersleeve on Oct 25 1791. Patience Gildersleeve was born on Apr 24 1766. She died on May 31 1836. Lemuel Churchill and Patience Gildersleeve had the following children:

child562 i. Susannah Churchill was born on Nov 8 1793. She died on Apr 7 1807.
child+563 ii. William Tryon Churchill.
child564 iii. Jemima Churchill was born on Jun 19 1796. She died on Sep 22 1799.
child+565 iv. Asa Gildersleeve Churchill.
child+566 v. John L Churchill.
child+567 vi. Charles Churchill.
child+568 vii. Ruth Churchill.
child569 viii. Julia Ann Churchill was born on Mar 9 1807.