84. William Churchill was born on Nov 6 1732 in Newington Parish, CT. He died in 1782.
NOTE:Born at Newington Parish, Nov. 6, 1732. Lived at Farmington, Conn., until about 1769, when he removed with large numbers who settled in the Wyoming Valley, Pa. He was there with his family in the time of the massacre in 1778, but escaped, and reached what is now Elmira, N. Y., and thence to New Jersey, and there made their home. Married 1st, Sept. 25, 1760, in Farmington, Conn., Ruth Tryon, who died, 1776; married 2d, Abiah Wildman.

William Churchill and Abiah Wildman had the following children:

child+205 i.
Samuel Churchill.
child+206 ii. Asa Churchill.
child+207 iii. Abiah Churchill.

He was married to Ruth Tryon on Sep 25 1760. Ruth Tryon died in 1776. William Churchill and Ruth Tryon had the following children:

child208 i. Jemima Churchill was born on Apr 15 1761 in Farmington, CT. She died on Apr 13 1836.
child+209 ii. David Churchill.
child+210 iii. Phebe Churchill.
child+211 iv. Lemuel Churchill.
child+212 v. Ruth Churchill.
child+213 vi. Martha Churchill.
child+214 vii. William Churchill.
child+215 viii. Mary Churchill.