214. William Churchill was born on Dec 26 1771 in Wyoming Valley. He died on Mar 4 1863 in Michigan.
NOTE:Born in the Wyoming Valley, Dec 26, 1771. Went with his father's family to New Jersey. About 1798 he moved to Homer, N.Y., and then to Scipio, Cayuga County, N.Y., where he lived fourteen years, then settled near Marietta, O., for nineteen years, and then to Michigan, and lived there until his death. He was a deacon in the Baptist church for fifty years. He died Mar 4, 1863, aged ninety-one years. Married 1796, in New Jersey, Jane Dell. She died April 1, 1839.

He was married to Jane Dell in 1796 in New Jersey. Jane Dell died on Apr 1 1839. William Churchill and Jane Dell had the following children:

child+570 i. Joseph Dell Churchill.
child571 ii. Ruth Churchill was born on Apr 29 1799. She died on Aug 6 1823.
NOTE:Died unmarried.
child572 iii. Anna Churchill was born on Mar 11 1801. She died on Mar 9 1814.
child+573 iv. Silas Churchill.
child574 v. Lydia Churchill was born on Aug 16 1804. She died on Sep 15 1804.
child+575 vi. Adna Churchill.
child576 vii. Churchill was born on Aug 24 1804. He died on Aug 24 1804.
child577 viii. Martha Churchill was born on Nov 19 1807. She died on Mar 9 1814.
child+578 ix. Randell Churchill.
child579 x. William Hubbard Churchill was born on Dec 13 1811. He died on Mar 16 1814.
child580 xi. Asa Churchill was born on Jan 27 1815. He died on Jul 10 1816.
child+581 xii. Rhoda Churchill.
child+582 xiii. James Churchill.