205. Samuel Churchill was born on May 22 1778 in Wyoming Valley.
NOTE:Born in Wyoming Valley, May 22, 1778. He was about two months old when the Indians and Tories, under Major Butler, drove the people from their pleasant and prosperous homes. He was brought up in New Jersey. Married Anna McCarthy.

Samuel Churchill and Anna McCarthy had the following children:

child+538 i.
Albert Churchill.
child+539 ii. Anna Churchill.
child+540 iii. Samuel Churchill.
child+541 iv. Asa Churchill.
child+542 v. Mary Churchill.
child+543 vi. Cinderilla Churchill.
child+544 vii. Thomas Churchill.
child+545 viii. Mehitable Churchill.
child+546 ix. John Hubbard Churchill.
child+547 x. Truman Churchill.
child+548 xi. Laura Churchill.