94. Jonathan Churchill was born in 1724.
NOTE: NOTE: Born at Wethersfield, Conn., 1724. Married Lydia Smith.

Jonathan Churchill and Lydia Smith had the following children:

child221 i. Oliver Churchill was born on Feb 14 1748. He died on Jan 2 1749.
child+222 ii. Jonathan Churchill.
child+223 iii. Hezekiah Churchill.
child224 iv. Josiah Churchill was born on Feb 25 1754. He died in The Revolution.
NOTE: NOTE: Died during the war of the Revolution.
child225 v. Lydia Churchill was born on Jul 5 1756.
child+226 vi. Moses Churchill.
child+227 vii. Oliver Churchill.
child+228 viii. Rebecca Churchill.
child229 ix. Abigail Churchill was born on Dec 2 1766. She died about 1770.
child+230 x. Amos Churchill.