230. Amos Churchill was born on Oct 19 1769. He died on May 8 1857.
NOTE: NOTE: Amos Churchill,born at Bolton, Canada, Oct 19, 1769. Lived in Bolton, Canada, and Bedford, Mass. He Owned and worked a stone quarry. An honest and straightforward man. He died May 8, 1857. Married, Oct 25, 1795 Deborah Thornton, who was born Dec 26, 1776, and died Feb. 25, 1860.

He was married to Deborah Thornton on Oct 25 1795. Deborah Thornton was born on Dec 26 1776. She died on Feb 25 1860. Amos Churchill and Deborah Thornton had the following children:

child613 i. Electa Churchill was born on Dec 14 1796.
child+614 ii. Leman Churchill.
child+615 iii. Hiram Churchill.
child616 iv. Constant Churchill was born on Nov 2 1802.
child+617 v. Oliver Churchill.
child618 vi. Harriet Churchill was born on Mar 6 1808. She died on Jun 18 1879.
NOTE: NOTE: No further record
child+619 vii. Otis Churchill.
child620 viii. Deborah Churchill was born on May 6 1812.
child621 ix. Harlow Churchill was born on Aug 12 1814.
child+622 x. Amos Churchill.