653. Nancy Judson Churchill was born on Jun 3 1819 in Elizabethtown, N Y.
NOTE: NOTE: She was born in Elizabethtown, N Y, June 3, 1819. She was educated in the schools of her native town, with a year at Mrs. Norman Nicholson's Seminary, and a private academy at Williamsville, N Y. In 1828 she went with her father's family to Louth, Canada, where her mother died, and she soon after went to live with her older sister, Mrs. Richards, at Forestville, N Y, where she finished her schooling at the private academy of Mrs. Charles Labatte. In the fall of 1833 she returned to her father's home, then at Sheakleyville, Pa. Here she began her experience in school-teaching, which lasted until her marriage. Her husband was the son of Capt. Eliott Harroun, of Pembroke, N Y, where he was born. Two children were born to Mrs. Harroun here, but died in infancy. They removed to Wisconsin in 1844, and settled in the township of Rosendale, being the fourth family to settle there, but within a few months were joined by a score of families mostly from the east. They removed a little later to Sparta, Wis. Here they prospered, as the town grew rapidly, and Mr. Harroun, being a carpenter, found profitable employment; but the fever of the west was still strong and so they removed again in 1858, to Kansas, with their four children, the oldest about thirteen years. They found themselves in the midst of the war of "Border Ruffianism" and after two years were glad to get back to the north and settle among civilized people, in Dodge County, Wis. Here their eldest boy died, and the husband met with an accident which rendered him unfit for work for some years, so that Mrs. Harroun was forced to resort to teaching again for her family's support. This teaching she continued twelve years, while her children grew up and became helpful as teachers, and her husband recovered in part, and the family prospered again. Mr. Harroun died April 23, 1889. Mrs. Harroun has been a diligent helper in the compilation of her grandfather's line of the family.

She was married to Allan Harroun on Oct 29 1839. Allan Harroun died on Apr 23 1889 in Dodge County, Wis. Nancy Judson Churchill and Allan Harroun had the following children:

child1016 i. infant Harroun died. Infancy
child1017 ii. Infant Harroun died. Infancy
child1018 iii. Levi Clarkson Harroun was born on Jan 12 1842. He died on Nov 18 1857 in Wisconsin.
child+1019 iv. James Ansel Harroun.
child+1020 v. Alpha Harroun.
child+1021 vi. Olive Adele Harroun.