236. Rev Samuel Churchill was born on Apr 18 1775 in Litchfield, CT.
NOTE: NOTE: Born at Litchfield, Conn., April 18, 1775. He early showed a strong desire for a liberal education, and at fourteen years attracted the attention of Dr. Rice, of Litchfield, who took him to his home where his education was completed. He became a fine scholar, especially in the classic languages and Hebrew. He was ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1797 and preached several years in Connecticut, before his settlement in Whiting, Vt. Somewhere about 1814 he removed to Elizabethtown, N. Y., where he preached thirteen years. In 1827 he removed to Williamsville, N. Y., and thence, in a year, to the town of Louth, Canada, and thence two years later to Springfield, PA., and thence in 1838 to Hayfield, where he filled out his last pastorate, and died, Feb. 18,1842. Married, at Norwalk, Conn., Feb. 22, 1798, Rebecca St. John, daughter of Peter St. John, of Norwalk, Conn. She died in Louth, Canada, Oct 29, 1828.

He was married to Rebecca St. John (daughter of Peter St. John) on Feb 22 1798 in Norwalk, Ct. Rebecca St. John died on Oct 29 1828 in Louth, Canada. Rev Samuel Churchill and Rebecca St. John had the following children:

child+646 i. Betsey Churchill.
child647 ii. Ezekiel St. John Churchill was born in 1802. He died in 1811. aged nine years
child+648 iii. Almira Churchill.
child+649 iv. James Hoit Churchill.
child+650 v. Rebecca Churchill.
child+651 vi. Irene Rich Churchill.
child652 vii. Sarah Ann Churchill was born on Nov 3 1816. She died on Jul 21 1835.
child+653 viii. Nancy Judson Churchill.
child+654 ix. Adoniram Judson Churchill.
child655 x. Samuel Stillman Churchill was born on May 1 1825. He died in 1854. Unmarried