1323. Ormond Winston Churchill Brown was born on May 1 1909 in Taunton, MA. He died on Oct 19 1990 in New Bedford, MA. He had Social Security Number 016-16-6304 issued in Massachusetts.

He was married to Beatrice May Taphilias (daughter of Paul Frederick Taphilias and Mabel Jane Tripp) about 1937 in New Bedford, MA. Beatrice May Taphilias was born on Oct 28 1919 in New Bedford, MA. She died in Feb 1983 in New Bedford, MA. At the time of her death she had remarried Henry Dolinsky. Her obituary reads: Beatrice M. Dolinsky New Bedford-Beatrice M (taphilias) Dolinsky, 63, of 214 North St. died at home Thursday after a long illness. She was the wife of Henry Dolinsky. She was a lifelong New Bedford resident. Survivors include her widower, two daughters, Evelyn Querim of North Dartmouth and Shirley Ferreira of New Bedford, a brother Nicholas Taphilias of Bell, CA and She had Social Security Number 028-14-4203 issued in Massachusetts. Ormond Winston Churchill Brown and Beatrice May Taphilias had the following children:

child+1330 i. Evelyn Jane Brown.
child+1331 ii. Shirley Ann Brown.
child+1332 iii. Judith Dianne Brown.