1332. Judith Dianne Brown was born on Feb 16 1943 in New Bedford, MA. She has reference number Judie. She was educated Graduated from New Bedford High School. She was Unitarian/Catholic.

Francis Pascoal Britto (son of Manoel Francisco Britto (De Brito) and Mary Josephine Duarte) was born on Mar 31 1929 in New Bedford, MA. He died on Mar 28 1990 in New Bedford, MA. He was buried on Mar 31 1990 in St. John's Cemetary, New Bedford, MA. He is buried in plot # 484 He has reference number Frankie. He was a Retired New Bedford Police Office. He was educated Graduated from Greater New Bedford Regional Technical High School (VOKE). He was Catholic.
NOTE:Francis' middle name Pascoal means Easter, and he was born on Easter Sunday that year. Judith Dianne Brown and Francis Pascoal Britto had the following children:

child+1339 i. Melanie-lynne Brown.
child1340 ii. Kevin Roderick Brown was adopted in 1966 in New Bedford, MA. He was born on Apr 21 1966 in New Bedford, MA.
NOTE: Kevin was given up for adoption at the time of his birth.