1339. Melanie-lynne Brown was born on Apr 16 1965 in New Bedford, MA. She Graduated from Dartmouth High School.
NOTE:For as long as I can remember, my mother always told me about my half brothers and sisters that I have. That we all have the same Father, so growing up I knew of all of them, with one exception, the brother that was born a year after me. His name at birth was Kevin, he was given up for adoption at the time of his birth. I did not find out about this sibling until I had my 30th birthday, that was when my mother decided to tell me. Since then I have been trying to locate him but have had no luck, I have had contact with most of my siblings through my life, we tend to fall in and out of each others lives over the years, I remember my mother always encouraging me to keep in touch with them, but for what ever reason we really have never been close, she would say things to me like, you will all need each other when your father and I and Claire are gone, she told me this several times while I was growing up. It was difficult for me as a child being the only one at home knowing I had brothers and sisters and they lived somewhere else, but I remember, always feeling a sense of pride knowing I had them. Many things have changed over the years and I am grateful to have the opportunity to get to know some of my brothers and sisters even if it was for a short time, because family is important and that is what I was brought up with. It didn't matter that we have different mothers, what mattered is that we are a "Family", and some just didn't feel this way, some have changed thier views, others just choose to leave things the way they are, and that is alright, because I am fortunate to know that I do have a Family.

She was married to Roger Joseph Marcotte (son of Guy Francis Marcotte and Margarite Theresa Renauld) on Oct 28 1989 in So. Dartmouth, MA. Roger Joseph Marcotte was born on Jun 13 1962 in New Bedford, MA. He has reference number Roger. He was baptized in New Bedford, MA. St. Anthony's Church He was confirmed in New Bedford, MA. St. Joseph's Church . He Graduated from Greater New Bedford Regional Technical High School (VOKE).