40. David Churchill was born in 1692 in Wethersfield, CT.
NOTE: NOTE: Born 1692. Settled in Glastonbury, Conn. Died in Glastonbury, April 16, 1782, aged ninety years. Married Dorothey(_______).

David Churchill and Dorothy had the following children:

child+88 i. Dorothy Churchill.
child89 ii. Elizabeth Churchill was born on Feb 1 1729 in Glastonbury, CT. She died on Jun 19 1729 in Glastonbury, CT.
child90 iii. Betty Churchill was born on Jun 9 1731 in Glastonbury, CT. She died on May 24 1754.
child91 iv. David Churchill was born on Oct 16 1733 in Glastonbury, CT. He died on Jan 10 1755.
child+92 v. Anne Churchill.
child+93 vi. Joseph Churchill.