6. Joseph Churchill was born on Dec 7 1649 in Wethersfield, CT. He died on Apr 1 1699 in Wethersfield, CT.
NOTE:Born in Wethersfield, Conn., Dec 7, 1649. He was one of the beneficiaries named in the will of his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Deming) (Foote), widow of Govenor Thomas Welles. In an indenture dated Nov. 30, 1668, he is styled "husbandman." He lived in Wethersfield, on land inherited from his father; probably the home lot described December 1659, as belonging to Josiah Churchill, in terms as follows:

On pece a hom lot wheare on a house standeth containing three ac(acres) more or les the ends abutt against the streat east and Mr. Wells weast the sids against teh Hom lot of Sam Wells South and John Hubburd North.

In the inventory of his estate his home lot is mentioned as consisting of three acres, which would indicate that he passed his life on the homestead bequeathed by his father. That he was a man of ability and influenceis shown by his gradual advancement to places of trust and influence. The Wethersfield records show that at the age of thirty he was chosen one of the town surveyors; three years later he was one of the assessors, and next year, 1684, he was made collector of taxes; in 1689 was chosen constable, assessor again in 1695, and at the annual meeting, held Dec. 27 1697, "Sergt." Joseph Churchell was chosen "Selectman," and again re-elected in 1698, and was still holding that office whwn he died, April 1, 1699, at the age of forty-nine years. The above date of death appears in the heading of his inventory. His estate was valued at four hundred and sixty-one pounds, and his heirs, according to a memorandum at the end of his inventory, were the relict, Mary, Nathaniel, Mary Edwards, Elizabeth Butler, Dinah, Samuel, Joseph, David, Jonathan, and Hannah.

Married at Wethersfield, May 13, 1674, Mary (_______). Long and diligent search by many different investigators has not brought to light the surname of Joseph Churchill's wife. She survived him and lived to advanced age. She is mentioned as "Widow Mary, Senior," in the settlement of her son, Nathaniel's, estate, April 2, 1728. An estate apparently hers, was inventoried July 4, 1738. this indicates she died that year.

He was married to Mary Catlin (daughter of John Catlin and Isabel Ward) on May 13 1674 in Wethersfield, CT. Mary Catlin died on Jul 4 1738 in Wethersfield, CT. She was born May 16 1655 and 1659 in Wethersfield, CT. Joseph Churchill and Mary Catlin had the following children:

child+34 i. Mary Churchill.
child+35 ii. Nathaniel Churchill.
child+36 iii. Elizabeth Churchill.
child+37 iv. Dinah Churchill.
child+38 v. Ensign Samuel Churchill.
child+39 vi. Joseph Churchill.
child+40 vii. David Churchill.
child+41 viii. Jonathan Churchill.
child42 ix. Hannah Churchill was born in 1696 in Wethersfield, CT. She died. Died unmarried.