188. Martha Churchill was born on Oct 1 1751 in Newington, CT.
NOTE: She was Benaijah Boardman's second wife.

She was married to Benaijah Boardman (son of Isaac Boardman) on Dec 22 1774 in CT, ?. Benaijah Boardman was born on May 14 1749 in Newington, CT.
NOTE: Mr. Boardman was born at Newington, May 14, 1749, son of Isaac. He settled first at Newington, but removed some time before July 1777, to Hubbardton, Vt. In the battle at Hubbardton, on July 7, 1777, it is said that the soldiers of the British force (largely made up of Tories and Indians) took possession of that part of the town in which their house was situated, and Mrs. Boardman, having been left alone in the house with two small children, concealed herself with them under a feather bed on the floor. The house was soon made a temporary hospital for the wounded soldiers, and "she suffered so much from fright and the smothering and heat that afterwards she lost many of her fingernails." Mr. Boardman was a soldier in the Revolution, was a sergeant in the company of Capt. Elijah Wright, Col. Enos' Regiment. He was in service on the Hudson in 1781, engaged for three months. About 1788 he removed to Ovid, N. Y., where he built a sawmill in 1793, the first sawmill in that town. He afterwards removed to Canoga, N. Y., where he built the first sawmill in that town. He was widely known and very influential in his time. Children, the first two born at Newington, and the four eldest were baptized there, the two youngest of these were said to have been "brought down from Arlington, " probably Vermont. Martha Churchill and Benaijah Boardman had the following children:

child+461 i. Samuel Boardman.
child+462 ii. Jesse Churchill Boardman.
child+463 iii. Rebecca Meekins Boardman.
child+464 iv. Jerusha Boardman.
child465 v. Elizabeth Boardman was born on Feb 11 1786. She died on Sep 22 1801 in Fayette, NY.
child+466 vi. Sarah Boardman.
child+467 vii. Lucy Boardman.
child+468 viii. Benaijah Jr. Boardman.