82. Jesse Churchill was born on Aug 31 1726 in Newington Parish, CT. He died on May 7 1806 in Newington/Wethersfield, CT.
NOTE:Born in Newington, Aug. 31, 1726. Lived in Newington (except for a short time, when he was at Bristol) until 1775, when he removed to Hubbardton, Vt., and there took up a farm, and began clearing it, built a log-house, and with several of his children settled near by, prpared to make this his permanent home. When the war of the Revolution, in 1777, involved Vermont, he, being too old to engage actively, withdrew to Wethersfield, his former home. He was deacon of the First Church in Newington many years; a farmer, prosperous and respected. He died in Wethersfield (Newington Parish), May 7, 1806, aged eighty years. Marries 1st, in Farmington, Conn., Nov. 8, 1750, Jerusha Gaylord, of Farmington. Married 2nd, Nov., 29, 1769, Sarah (Boardman) Cady, widow of Nicholas, and daughter of Sergt. Nathaniel and Ruth (Parker) Boardman. Married 3rd, June 15, 1778, Elizabeth (---) Belden. No children by this marriage. Norman Churchill writes, in 1880, that his grandfather "married the rich widow Belden." She died July 3, 1794, at the age of fifty-eight years.

He was married to Jerusha Gaylord on Nov 8 1750 in Farmington, CT. Jesse Churchill and Jerusha Gaylord had the following children:

child+188 i.
Martha Churchill.
child+189 ii. Samuel Churchill.
child+190 iii. Elizabeth Churchill.
child+191 iv. Rev Jesse Jr. Churchill.
child+192 v. Levi Churchill.
child+193 vi. Jerusha Churchill.
child194 vii. Giles Churchill was born on Dec 17 1763 in Newington, CT. He died in Youth.

He was married to Sarah (Bordman) Cady (daughter of Sergt Nathaniel Cady and Ruth Parker) on Nov 29 1769 in CT, ?. Dea. Jesse Churchill was her second husband Sarah (Bordman) Cady was born on Oct 20 1739 in Rocky Hill, Ct.
NOTE: 174. Sarah(4) Bordman (Nathaniel(3), Nathaniel(2), Samuel(1), born in Rocky Hill, Conn., Oct 20, 1739:married Nicholas Cady of Wethersfield, who died in 1761. She married 2d Nov 29, 1769, Dea. Jesse Churchill of Newington, as second wife. Dea. Jesse was a son of Martha (Bordman) Churchill, daughter of Daniel(2) Bordman. They lived for a time in Bristol, Conn., but returned to Newington. Dea Churchill's former wife was Jerusha Gaylord of Farmington, By whom he had seven children; of these, one, Rev. Jesse, married Hannah, daughter of Capt. Charled Bordman, and another, Martha, married Benajah Bordman, son of Israel of Newington. After the death of Sarah, Dea. Jesse married June 15, 1778, widow Elizabeth Belding, who died July 3, 1794. He died May 7, 1806. Jesse Churchill and Sarah (Bordman) Cady had the following children:

child+195 i. Ithamar Churchill.
child+196 ii. Sally Churchill.
child197 iii. Nathaniel Cady Churchill was born on Oct 20 ,1776. He was baptized on Oct 20 1776.

He was married to Elizabeth Belden on Jun 15 ,1778.