195. Ithamar Churchill was born on Nov 1 1772. He died on Sep 4 1852.
NOTE:Born at Newington, Nov. 1, 1772. About 1793 he removed to Hubbardton and occupied the house and lot which had been abandoned by his brother Samuel. He removed to Pennsylvania about 1818. He died Sept 24, 1852. Married, Sept 12, 1797. Sarah Blinn, born May 12, 1774, and died Aug 17, 1831.

He was married to Sarah Blinn on Dec 12 1797 in Wethersfield, CT. Sarah Blinn was born on May 12 1774. She died on Aug 17 1831. Ithamar Churchill and Sarah Blinn had the following children:

child+486 i. James Churchill.
child+487 ii. Harriet Churchill.
child+488 iii. Horace Churchill.
child+489 iv. Lorenzo Churchill.
child490 v. Laura Churchill was born on Mar 9 1812.
NOTE:Unmarried, in January, 1889, she was living in the family of her nephew, Almond, in Woonsocket, Dakota.

child+491 vi. Levi B Churchill.