164. Joseph Churchill was born about 1740 in Forks of the Delaware. He died on Apr 26 1812 in Newington Parish, CT.
NOTE:Joseph Churchill settled near the old family home in Newington, formerly part of Wethersfield, and lived in the old Red House, later known as the Dowd House, and owned and operated a grist mill, and his son Joseph succeeded him in that occupation. Born in Newington, 1750, and lived there in the old "Red House," Known as the "Dowd House" later. He owned and operated a grist-mill, and his sons followed him in that business. He died April 26, 1812. Married, Sept 11, 1777, Rhoda Goodrich, born March 25, 1750. She was the daughter of Benjamin, and she died Feb. 24, 1827, aged seventy-seven.

He was married to Elizabeth Andrews on Jan 25 1764.