79. Giles Churchill was born on Jun 18 1718 in Newington Parish, CT. He died in 1771 in Florida, New York.
NOTE:Born June 18, 1718. He settled about 1751 on the forks of the Delaware river, upon the grant made to William Penn. Died in Florida, N. Y., 1771. We have not yet ascertained the name of his wife.

All the ancestry of Mr. Churchill is of English Stock and from settlers coming prior to 1660, except the Blinn line, which is French, descending from Pierre Blinn, who settled in Wethersfield about 1665. Mr. Churchill's ancestry has been traced among others to the following immigrant ancestors: Henry Wolcott of Windsor, Ct; John Stedman, of Hartford, CT; Thomas Burnham, of Farmington, CT; Richard Beckley, of Berlin, CT; Samuel Appleton, of Ipswich; Deacon Edward Collins, of Cambridge, MA; William Lewis and William Whiting, of Hartford, CT; Henry Peck, of New Haven, CT; Stephen Hart, of Farmington, CT; Jonathan Gilbert, of Hartford, CT; John North, of Farmington, CT; Thomas Newberry, of Dorchester, MA; William Paine, of Ipswich, MA; Nathaniel Foote, of Wethersfield, CT; Govenor Thomas Welles, of Hartford, CT; and Anthony Hawkins, of Farmington, CT.

Giles Churchill had the following children:

child+164 i.
Joseph Churchill.
child+165 ii. Elijah Churchill.
child+166 iii. Stephen Churchill.
child167 iv. Sarah Churchill.
child+168 v. Olive Churchill.
child169 vi. Giles Churchill.