354. Giles Churchill was born on Jul 28 1793 in Middlefield, MA. He died on Feb 7 1864 in Middlefield, MA.
NOTE:Born in Middlefield, Mass., July 28, 1793, and lived there. Died February 7, 1864, aged seventy-five years. Married Abigail Haskins, Born Sept. 26, 1796, in Simsbury, Conn.

Abigail Haskins was born on Sep 26 1796 in Simsbury, CT. Giles Churchill and Abigail Haskins had the following children:

child793 i. William Churchill was born on Apr 18 1816 in Middlefield, MA.
child794 ii. Elijah Lyman Churchill was born in 1819 in Middlefield, MA.
child795 iii. Abigail Churchill was born in 1821 in Middlefield, MA.
child796 iv. Laura Churchill was born in 1824 in Middlefield, MA.